Peace of mind. In your pocket.

Waggle constantly monitors the temperature & humidity in your vehicle and alerts you via text/email in real-time, so that
you never have to worry about your pets wellbeing.


Temperature + Humidity Monitoring


Smart Device + Mobile App


Real-time Alerts

Why Waggle?

Full focus on your pets safety

Waggle uses a Multi-Carrier network, so no WiFi is needed

Extended battery life

No power source needed, so Waggle can notify you of power loss and continue to provide updates

Simple, effective notifications

Nothing you don't need, just notifications to your device about your pets safety

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Waggle Pet Monitor Features


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Swiss-Made sensor calibrated with NIST standards.

Power Loss & Power back

No need to be concerned about power outages; you'll be notified immediately.

Real-Time Instant Alerts

Monitors every second & sends alerts when conditions become unsafe.

Network Alert

8 days Long-lasting battery that keeps you focused without any stress.

Mobile Network Monitor

Support Multi Carrier Networks Across Australia.

Rechargeable Battery

The Waggle battery lasts up to 8 days, so there is no need to recharge it every day.

If you are a pet parent, you know better than anyone....

That your pets require much attention and care when you're on the road, from cold, wet roads to blazing heat, your pets are sensitive to temperature changes that can wreak havoc on their health and even life.

How it works

  • Install the Monitor

    Waggle Pet Monitor comes with an easy-to-install “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket.

  • Install Waggle Pet App

    Register your monitor in the app & choose a subscription that suits your travel. Waggle can be as flexible as you need.

  • Real-Time Updates & Instant Alerts

    Monitor pet's environment every second, 24x7, and sends alerts in case of any potential issues.


We used to feel very uncomfortable leaving our furry baby alone in our MH to go anywhere. This year we decided to purchase the Waggle pet monitor, the BEST choice we have made. It alerts us of power outages and temperatures. We can also check as much as we on the app. This is a must for pet owners, never felt this comfortable until now. Thanks for a great product

Maria Orozco

Gives me peace of mind when the dogs are alone in the Campervan. Works exactly as it should! Just had a few super hot days and the AC wasn’t keeping up. Waggle alerted me so I knew to keep a closer eye on the temp. It was delivered quickly and took just a few minutes to setup

Rachelle vincenti

Just purchased one! Love it! We have 2 Great Danes and a Shepherd. They ride in our Sprinter. If the temperature changes while I’m in the store or running errands get an alert. Also the sticker alerts “concerned people” know I’m monitoring the temperature

Sharon Elder

I want to make sure my dog is always safe. That’s why I bought the Waggle Pet Monitor. It’s been a lifesaver for me because it lets me know the current temperature inside my campervan. While I left my dog alone in campervan, I can check the temperature through the app

Carrie Griffin

I got it for my dog two months ago, and it’s been a lifesaver. It monitors the temperature so I know when there is too hot. The best part is that it alerts me through text messages and email. So I don’t have to worry about my dog

Lisa Stone