With Waggle, you get Peace Of Mind
in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1. Install the Monitor

    1. Install the Monitor

    Waggle Monitor comes with an easy to install “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket.

  •  Install Waggle Pet App

    2. Install Waggle Pet App

    Register your monitor in the app & choose a subscription that suits your travel.

  • Real-time updates

    3. Real-time updates & instant alerts

    Your pet's ambience is monitored every second 24x7 & alerts are sent should something go wrong.


How Wagglekeeps your pets safe?

Waggle Pet Monitor has built-in Temperature / Humidity / Power loss sensors and monitors these every second 24x7.

As soon as it detects any unsafe temperature or humidity or a power loss in your Campervan/Car/Home, it alerts you instantly via a text and email, so you get absolute peace of mind.

  • Parenting without Waggle

    Parenting without Waggle

    • Constantly worried about Pet comfort & Safety.
    • No idea how hot or cold your pet feels inside your Campervan
    • Do not know if your Campervan lost power when you're away
    • Catches you unaware when a risk incident happens
  • Parenting with Waggle

    Parenting with Waggle

    • Campervan Temp/Humidity updates on your Phone
    • Periodic check-ins every 15 minutes
    • Instantly alerts in seconds when your pet is in danger
    • Alerts you instantly if Campervan loses power
    • Friends/Family alerted when your pet is in danger

  • Safe Temperature

    When temperature is within limits, Waggle sends a periodic check in to the app every 15 mins

  • Unsafe Temperature

    When temperature is unsafe,
    Waggle sends an instant alert within seconds


App Subscription

Waggle pet safety : $0.5/day

Peace of mind : Priceless

Camping with Pets should leave you happy & soaring, and not heavy on your pocket! With the Waggle Pet monitor we've got you covered with low cost subscription plans.

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